Monday, August 11, 2008

Just one more week

My sweet pea!
Loving his wubbie!
Just one more week til Chase is 6 months old...and I can't believe it. He has just grown so much and is doing something new every day it seems. He is getting so big and time is flying. He is getting closer and closer each day to sitting up and crawling...I know both are just around the corner. He can finally get his toes into his mouth and he thinks they taste pretty good! He is wrapping his arms around our neck when you pick him up and he is fascinated with touching your face now, like he is just noticing for the first time. He loves the remote control and can find it from across the room and just stare at it (luckily I found a talking remote at Target he can't pause shows and change the channels!) On Saturday, we went to dinner with Jim, Beth and Gavin and the boys just sat and looked at each other....I think they were wondering who this other little person was (and why is my mommy holding him)! Oh and Chase drove away some of the people with his shrieking.....but he thought it was pretty funny!

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Another Stokes said...

Don't worry Chase... those people were uptight... ha. Love ya, Beth.