Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm trying.....

I can do it!
Almost there!
You lookin' at me?
So Mr Man is starting to try to sit up and also getting up on his knees. It still amazes me that he goes from not doing something one day to doing it the next...does that make sense??? :) He had been sitting up for just a second here and there and would slowly lean forward til his belly touched the floor. But yesterday, I sat him down and he really held himself up for a longer period...I was just amazed....like when did he learn to do that! And then I put him down on his belly and he started to pull his knees under him and push off with his feet....before you couldn't even push his knees up under him!! He still doesn't have his arms quite cooperating, but I am sure it will be no time at all!

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