Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Fun

Chase and Jaime
New highchair - before cereal
After cereal!
Chewing on his teether
Action shot!

This week, Chase continues to be the drool master and loves chewing on, blankets, his fingers, our name it. He is also pulling his bottle to his mouth and will somewhat hold his bottle for a little bit too. He got to try out his highchair for the first time and it makes feeding cereal much easier to have him confined! He loves to sit up and can do pretty good considering, but he can't quite do it on his own. He is very strong though and we think he will have abs of steel from all the "crunches" he is doing trying to sit up.

Friday evening, Famous and I went to check out Prison Brews for the first time with everyone from the salon. We had a really good time out and it was nice to get out for a while. Saturday, we went to visit James and Jaime for a while. We had to ask them an important question, if they would be our best man and maid of honor...yes, you read right, we are getting married. October 18, mark it on your calendar! They accepted, oh and Chase will be the honorary best man!


Another Stokes said...

I am so happy you guys picked a date, it is on the calendar. Looks like Chase is getting the hang of that eating cereal thing.

Oh yea, I will post pictures soon. I have so many to download just haven't had the time... ha.

Grandma Joan said...

It's about time.You all have my blessing.I will be at the wedding.