Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What a week

Pictures of Chase poolside

Mommy and Chase in the pool
Getting tired and ready to go inside

So I know I am late to post, but I am so behind with everything this week. Last week, Chase, my mom and I ventured to Branson for a Missouri Dental Association convention that our entire staff attended and worked at. I just couldn't leave my little man for that long (Wed-Sun), so grandma S came along to nanny!! Boy, was she wiped out! For that matter, so were Chase and I! It was a lot of fun but exhausting all at the same time. Chase got his schedule all out of whack so he didn't sleep much at all during the day, but he had two all-nighters while we were there. But I think I would rather have him up once at night than to deprive him of sleep on purpose!!

Mom and I got to go to two awesome scrapbook/stamp stores....boy I wish we had something like that close to home. Nothing in JC or Columbia even compares.

In other news, Chase continues to gnaw his hand and fingers, likes to eat his blankets and bibs and still loves to shriek and laugh. He is focusing and studying things a lot more, like the TV, remote, faces, etc. He found his toes this week with a little help from me, since he can't quite get to them on his own! He also got to swim for the first time in Branson. The water was a little cool, but he didn't fuss, he was pretty calm and laid back during the whole thing. Baths have gotten a lot easier lately...we are back to bathing in the baby tub in the kitchen, no more warming up the bathroom and towels first, so that is better for my back and now it is not a 30 minute ordeal!!

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