Thursday, July 24, 2008

Busy week

5 months old!!
Goofy smiles....can never catch a good one on camera!!
Sleepyhead last night!!

So I am late again posting, been a very busy week at work and I kept forgetting my camera! So let's see, what's new....Chase had his 5 month birthday on Friday, time is just flying by! He is eating cereal like a champ these days, still gnawing on whatever he can get his hands on. We decided last night the sleeping in the carseat was done cause he just didn't look comfortable anymore and he would literally fall asleep trying to sit up in the seat. So we put him down about 7:30 last night (on his back) and he put himself to sleep but woke up several times cause he was just moving all over the crib. So I would go in and move him to the middle and a few minutes later he would be pinned against the rails again.....can I strap him down or what?? :) So he finally fell asleep after about 30 minutes and slept til about 11 when he started whimpering and was trying to turn over in his sleep. I just don't think he likes being on his back, so I flipped him over and he stayed asleep until 5 this morning!! Yah Chase!! Much better night than we anticipated and I guess we just need to realize that he is a belly sleeper...he gets that from me!

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