Monday, July 28, 2008

Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day!
Loving my highchair!
Giggles and grins
And then his serious look...
What's Spiderman doing on my feet?

Hello to post some pics of the little man! He has found out that he can shriek now and loves to do it. It is so funny and he gets so tickled when he does it, almost like he can't believe it is him making all that noise. He is also successfully sleeping in his crib and there is no turning back now....I actually think he likes it better, he has so much more room to move around, but he also is still getting used to it. He is doing really well at putting himself to sleep at night and naptimes and we have avoided any real meltdowns for quite a while now. When he starts rubbing his eyes and yawning, it is time to go down and usually he is asleep in 15 minutes or less. He has to have his blankie though!

He is just getting so big and I think he is ready any day for some real food. We were at Longhorns for lunch on Saturday and he was perfectly content until he saw me put a piece of bread in my mouth and he decided he wanted some too. He will just follow the fork with his eyes back and forth between the plate and your mouth. He likes to grab for your food and glasses too. He still loves the cereal but it is not nearly enough to satisfy him, so you better have his bottle ready to go for afterwords.

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