Monday, June 23, 2008

Firsts for this week

I love my blankie

Giggles and laughs

My preppie boy
I know I say this over and over, but it seems like Chase does something new every day. And its funny that you don't realize he doesn't do something but then he does it for the first time and you realize then that he has never done it before!! He is becoming a blankie man....especially when he starts getting tired. Give him a blanket and he wants it up by his face or in his mouth and he just rubs it with fingers back and forth. He does it a lot with my shirt when he is sleepy but he just started doing it with a blanket too. He is also rubbing his eyes when he gets tired, in that back and forth twisting motion, like you see all kids do. And my personal favorite, his giggles. He get so excited and giggles, especially when you tickle him or grab his belly. Oh and he has discovered his voice too, he loves to talk loud and grunt and shriek too!

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Another Stokes said...

Cute, Gavin has those shorts too!!!