Monday, June 9, 2008

16 weeks today.

Hard to believe our little baby is 16 weeks old today. He is just changing so much each day, doing different things all the time. He is babbling up a storm and you would swear he was reading us the riot act when he is mad with all he is saying. I wish I knew what he was thinking! Saturday, I worked at the salon and Famous took Chase over to Grandma Joans and Aunt Kays for a visit. He calls me at work and tells me Chase way, I say. Obviously, not full on crawling, but he pushes off with his feet and moves with his arms! Of course, he wouldn't do it for me later at home, but he did get up on his knees and one arm and promptly flips over onto his back. He did that 3 times and then had enough of tummy time.
Gaki's (my mom's mom for those who don't know the name) sister, Aunt Pat came to visit this weekend from St Louis. She was unable to make it to his shower, so this was her first time getting to meet her great-nephew, Chase. He got to flirt and coo a bit with her before it was for a nap.
Some pictures from the weekend. Chase in his big boy outfits and a sweet one of him still half asleep, I think.


Another Stokes said...

What a big boy, I can't believe he almost crawling.

Another Stokes said...

Gavin has that same toy but we have it hanging by the changing table, boy does it soothe him.