Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday fun

Knocked out after lunch
Me and my sweet boy

My handsome men
Goofy smiles
Big brown eyes

On Saturday, we went to have Chase's pictures taken. As usual, he was on his own schedule and woke up an hour before I wanted him to. So his first hour's worth of smiles were wasted on us....but we think she got some good ones despite that. The flash from the camera caught his attention and kept him occupied for a while. After pictures, we went out for lunch and he was konked out by the time we got there and slept through lunch. We decided to go downtown and walk around for a while. We walked around the Capitol and up to the gardens where some of the pictures here were taken. He is such a ham and loves to be outside, so we got lots of goofy smiles and laughs too.

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