Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One year appointment

Waiting for shots
Pointing at one of the million things he points at everyday now!!

Yesterday, Chase had his one year appointment. He weighs 27lbs 2ozs, 30 3/4 inches long and 48 1/4 head circumference. He is in the 95th percentile for weight, 75th percentile for height, 95th percentile for head circumference...Dr Rogers said he took after his dad with the big head...I swear he did...sorry Famous :) (An inside joke because Famous seems to think that I have the bigger head!!)
Dr Rogers was not concerned that he was a big boy, he said once he gets walking, he will slow down and slim down. He also was fine that he wasn't walking...he still says he has til 2 years to catch up for being early, but that he would expect him to walk by 15 months most likely. Developmentally, he is happy where he is, he is in line with the things he is supposed to be doing...saying mama, dada, pointing at things, picking up things, etc. He was happy that we were off bottles completely and on milk. He suggested starting him on regular cups too....we tried a little last night, he drank well, but didn't want to hold the cup...we will try a little each night. He wants us to keep him on the whole milk for now because of the good fats, good for brain development, etc but need to limit it to 15-20 ozs a day. Food wise, we are doing pretty good, trying to give him a more balanced diet (at least better than mine!). He is a really good eater..if you couldn't already tell that!!
Poor guy had a rough day, he had a short nap and then got three shots. He was not happy, he cried pretty hard and for a while. Poor sweet pea.....he was wore out and went to bed at 7 last night. He has a runny/snotty nose again, with some coughing started back last night. He was up twice early on, but ended up sleeping til 6:45, so we have two days down!! Yah Chase!!

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April said...

Jace was 25 lbs 11 oz, 29.5 in and 47.75 head.