Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Monday

Snuggling with Daddy before bed
Dancing to Sirius tunes
Giddy up daddy!
Fun...he figured out how to press the button to make it light up
Drinking out of his cup

Hope everyone is doing good. Had a great weekend and actually feel like I accomplished some things. Saturday, the three of us stayed in all day long (in our pjs too) and played! I got some much need spring cleaning and organizing done while Chase napped - not sure what got into me!

Not much new with Chase, still doing the same stuff as last week. We have been having some luck getting him to take 4 -5 steps at a time by bribing him with Cheerios!! He also loves to dance and loves when we sing (even though we are bad at it). We turn the channel to Sirius stations on the TV and we all sing and dance away. He likes to be helpful with the laundry by pulling everything out of the basket and then putting it back in, but you have to watch him once it is all folded, cause he goes after that stuff too. He likes trying to feed himself with the fork and spoon and holds onto it with a death grip and we also are giving him a regular cup with small amounts of milk and he does pretty good too. At least he hasn't thrown it like his sippy cup yet. He seems like he is eating a little less than before and is starting to get a little finicky with what he likes and doesn't, but I think that is expected with this age.

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Sarah Wheat said...

I cannot believe how cute and big he has gotten! Precious!! I remember when Owen tried the "big boy" cup. Oh, those sweet stages that they go through!