Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We are walking!

Looking outside
Mommy and me
Daddy aggravating Chase
Open wide (while shutting his eyes)

Chase is officially a walker!! Sunday night, he was taking 5-6 steps but only did that a couple of times and only when he wanted too. I knew it was around the corner! When I picked him up at the sitter's Monday night, Grandma Stokes was over there and I could tell by the gleam in her eye that he was walking. She stood him up and he walked across the living room to me. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it now!! Of course, he really prefers to crawl still and you really can't bribe him much to walk, he does it more when he is not thinking about it. We got him to do it a couple times last night but nothing on video yet. Little turkey is just getting to big!

On Saturday, we had Gavin's birthday party. I can't believe how grown up these boys are getting. Gavin did great with his cake, really tore it apart!! Got lots of fun toys, which Chase was eyeing!! Chase was pooped when we left and was asleep before we got out of Wardsville. Later, we met James and Jaime for dinner at Madisons and Amanda and Kagan came in a little after we got there. Dinner was very good and Chase did so good for being in a highchair for 2 hours and Kagan kept him entertained too.

Sunday, the boys stayed in their pj's most of the day. I had stamp club and then Chase and I went to the store in the evening. He was too cute, we were shopping and he had a box of Cheerios in the cart that he just kept giving to me. Normally, he just drops everything out of the cart onto the floor. But he did not want to hold the cheerios, he didn't drop them and he kept pulling them out of the cart, all while he was getting very irritated with me... It finally dawned on me yesterday when telling Grandma about it, that he knew they were cheerios and he wanted me to give him some.

Little things like that just hit you like a ton of bricks and you don't even realize how smart they are. He knows where his belly button is, he knows what his socks and shoes are when you ask him for them. He definitely knows what NO means but completely ignores us, smiles mischieviously and goes back to doing what we said not to. I am pretty sure we are in for it!!

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