Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Walking, teething, etc

My laundry helper
Chase's version of helping!
Chase and Daddy snoozing

Hello everyone...time just seems to get away from me and it is getting harder and harder to get back here each week. Chase is doing good and just walking away. He is getting more and more stable and walking longer and longer lengths, from the living room to kitchen, living room to bedroom, etc. He seems to like to walk too, but when he falls he just crawls from there. He is into everything these days. Toys are no longer interesting, he would rather play with trash cans, cat bowls, cat food containers, cabinets, you name it and he wants it. He is cutting his two bottom molars and has been a bear for the last couple of days. It makes me appreciate what a really good and happy baby he normally is. Sunday, he just was not happy and nothing we could do would appease him, at least for more than a few minutes. Then we discovered why....four sharp points on the bottom gum and another four coming in on the other side. Poor guy, he just was miserable. We haven't had to deal with teething for a while. Otherwise, he loves dancing and bopping around to music especially on the Sirius TV channels. Whenever a toy plays music, he raises both hands and bops around. He is still eating really well and always wants to have a taste of what we are having.

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