Thursday, May 10, 2012

Son's Day

Have to post this before I forget....we have the best conversations on the way to school!

Chase had to borrow my sunglasses because the sun was in his eyes, but quickly decided he didn't need them he gave them back.

C: Mom, if I give you something (as he takes off the sunglasses), it's called a present.
M: Oh, well thank you for the present Chase.  You know, Mother's Day is this weekend, so you and Daddy have to get mama a present (good hint there, huh)!
C: Well what do you want?
M: What stuff do you think Mommy likes? (just grooming him for his wife some day!)
C: Umm...candy?
M: candy.  What else do you think I like?
C: Makeup? (as I am putting on my powder). Dresses?
M: Yep, that's pretty good.  What other things do I like doing?  Like in my office?
C: Etsy stuff or something?
M:  You do pay attention...huh?
C:  Do you like dinosaurs?
M: I guess so...
C: What kind? Like stegosaurus, t-rex, diploducus.....
M:  I like dinosaurs, but I don't really want to play with them.  
C: You know Mom, after Mommy's Day and Daddy's Day, it's Son's Day.....
M:  Really?
C: What are you getting me?
M:  It has to be a surprise.
C: But you have to ask me what I like.
M: Oh, okay...what do you like?
C:  Dinosaurs, balls, flags (pretty sure he saw a flag at that moment!), cars, construction team.
M:  Oh....good now I know what you want for Son's Day.
C:  Okay.

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