Monday, May 24, 2010

Beautiful weekend

Can't believe what a nice weekend we had, although it got hot way too fast!

Saturday, Famous mowed the lawn while I planted flowers and Chase dug holes in the pots of dirt. I wanted to rearrange my pots in front so make a pretty vignette up front. Not finished yet, but I will post pics when I am done. After Chases' nap, we decided to go for a ride and stopped by Gamma and Papaws. Chase helped Papaw wash his boat and was having so much fun with the water, he stayed while we went to the store. When we got back, he was down to his diaper and pouring buckets of water on himself. We had a yummy dinner and were all stuffed!

Sunday, I tried planting more flowers and Famous washed the cars. Once Chase went around back and saw the water hoses out, all my planting halted. We drug out the pool, cleaned it up and filled it with cold water. After lunch and a nap, Chase and I went back out to get in the was like bath water!! So we had to add some more cold water to make it bearable. We spent 2 hours out there and Famous BBQ'd again and had baked potatoes and salad for dinner. Then time for a bath and read some books and Mr Man was ready for bed.

It went by so fast!

Helping plant flowers
Waiting for Daddy to finish the lawn so he can get a ride on the tractor

Getting a drink

Papaw teaching him how to "pee"


Playing in the pool

Take this hat off....made him wear it to stay in the pool...worked most of the time!

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Another Stokes said...

It was the perfect weekend to get in some water... we did the same thing :)