Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bringing you up to speed.....29 weeks

A little background info..... two weeks ago, I had my last appointment with Dr Grant in Columbia. Everything is going well, so he basically released me to continue the rest of my appointments with Dr Claypool here in town.

Fast forward to first biophysical profile with Dr Claypool's office. I am on a two week appointment schedule but will have these biophysical ultrasounds each week til the end I guess. The biophysical consists of 4 elements that assess the baby's health-- fetal movement, fetal breathing, heartbeat and amniotic fluid level. The baby will either score a 0 or 2 with each of these tests, so a total score of 8 is perfect and what you want. Drumroll.....He scored an 8 this time!! So all is good with that and I will have another next week along with my appointment. Here is a pic from the US. This is the first I have had at Dr Claypool's office, definitely not as clear as Dr Grant's! Tilt your head to the right and you are looking straight down on his face and the tech said that is his foot up by his head!!


joanie said...

.comBaby Chase is going to be a big boy just like his daddy was.Be glad when he gets here,so everyone can spoil him like his dad was spoiled. we love you Chase. grandma Joan.

Anonymous said...

This is so cool!! I love all the new ways you can let everyone in on your progress! Isn't technology wonderful?!? I didn't know you guys were doing this and I probably still wouldn't know except that I was looking for the email from your Mom with the shower addresses. I'll make sure and put this site on my favorites as well. Keep the news coming!! Deb