Thursday, February 7, 2008

32 weeks

Just one picture for this week. The tech said he was sticking out his upper lip in this one.....can't believe how real he looks. I almost feel like I know him already just from the latest pictures. He did great this time and passed his tests, 8 out of 8. Dr Claypool says everything continues to look good, so we are very happy!

Beth Stokes and I enjoyed some nice prenatal massages at Spa Shiki on Saturday. We had planned them back before Christmas and were so looking forward to them. It was very relaxing and a really nice place. We, of course, had to do some baby shopping afterwords too!

Famous and I are both sick this week, fortunately for me, it was only a sinus infection, but it made for a miserable couple of days. Famous started feeling bad on Tuesday and went to the dr on Wednesday and he has influenza. Luckily, he went quickly enough that they were able to give him something for it. He is feeling a little better today though!


Anonymous said...

Silly Chase making faces already... lol.

joanie said...

Glad to hear that you and Famous and Chase is all doing good. Chase will be here before you know it.Keep up the work. Grandma Joan