Thursday, April 17, 2008

Greetings - 2 months later.........

So it has been a long two months, huh? I want to try and get back here every couple of days and update with pictures and such for Mr. Chase.

He is getting so big. On Sunday, we weighed him and he was 10lbs - 11ozs, can you believe it??? We go back to the doctor next Thursday, so we will see how everything is going. It is his 2 month appt, but he will actually be 10 weeks....we got off somehow! He has been a little cranky lately I think due to a snotty nose. I think it may be allergies, but who knows.

I am uploading some pictures from his 1 month pictures. The one in the blue blanket is my favorite. I am sending out announcements soon, so be on the lookout!


Anonymous said...

Well, Mr. Chase, aren't you just the sweetest little man I've ever laid eyes on! One of these days, you'll start recognizing all of us and smiling and cooing! I can hardly wait! Grandpa is just as much in love with you as me! He was the one who found the Cardinal outfit for you last night! I was looking for a #48 Jimmy Johnson shirt, (at Walmart, DUH!)
See you soon! Love, Granny

Anonymous said...

Chase is getting big. I saw him on Tuesday and he is so cute and sweet.He has the sweetest smile.He will be talking before long.See you soon BABY CHASE. Love Grandma.

Amanda Dunnavant said...

Chase is a gorgeous baby! He has the cutest smile ever too. The pictures posted are way too precious.

Anonymous said...

Chase is soooo beautiful. I can't get over how much he has grown!!
He looks like a very happy, content little guy- no doubt do to his happy parents!!
You all make a very cute family!
Take care.
Kim Marshall