Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bathtime and sleeping

A couple pictures from bathtime last week. He generally loves the bath and it is not so traumatic now that we get him into some warm towels afterwards...it used to be really bad until we realized it was really cold for him and he was screaming bloody murder because of it. Last night, he did good til the end and I just think he was tired. In other news, he slept really well last night and I hope that it continues to get even better. Over the weekend, we decided the sleeping in the carseat had to stop. He slept really well in it, but at the end of a nap when he was waking up, he would arch his back and get sideways in it and we would usually find him wrapped in his blankets with his head where his butt should be. Too many times of that and we had to do something.
We tried swaddled and sleeping on his back....not a good night. He hates the swaddle unless he is in a deep sleep. We tried unswaddled on his back...not good either. He just startles himself awake and then can't get back to sleep. We tried his side...not good. He just rolled on his back and got mad. So this weekend, we had him sleeping on his belly, which he has done a lot for naps, just not through the night. It went well, but he usually has to be in a deep sleep to not wake up. But last night went very well. He ate at 6, went to sleep at 8, slept til 12:30, ate and back to sleep, woke at 4:30, ate and back to sleep and we had to wake him this morning. So I only hope this will continue and get some longer stretches out of him...mom and dad are ready for a longer stretch of sleep!!

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Anonymous said...

It won't be long before Chase will sleep through the night.Just hold on.Grandma Joan.