Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Daddy and Chase
Granny and Chase
Granny and Chase
Working the leaf blower
Sweet smile
Hands in the cook cook jar
Scamming granny out of nilla wafers
Our little tiger...note the tongs!

Chase had a fun halloween this year! He was a tiger! He looked so dang cute in his costume...loved the padding in the belly and butt area!

On Halloween, we went to Nana and Kay's (Famous' mom and aunt) house for dinner. We played for a while there and then got into costume. He was not liking the costume at all in the beginning. Then he found a pair of tongs that he liked playing with (I know, this kid cracks me up!) and it completely distracted him...he was fine from then on! We then went to James & Jaime's house, Great-Grandma Stokes, Granny & Grampa's house and the babysitter and neighbors. He did really good, but I could tell he was pretty pooped by the end of it all.

I finally am trying to upload some video. I have no skills with editing it, so bear with my bad taping skills. But it is too cute of Chase walking up to Granny's house! Make sure and turn up the volume and listen for him talking.

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