Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Forever and a Day

Papaw's fishing buddy
Playing outside

Playing with the cat door at Harper's party

Running and "falling" down the hill
Taking a breather

Yes, I know, it's been a long time!! Sorry about that!! We just had a big meeting in Branson for the MDA and it has consumed most of my time for the past month! Oh well, such is life.

Chase is becoming the most talkative boy....Mom has asked me if I remember her paying me to stop talking (which I don't) but I might have to try that technique although money means nothing to him now...maybe I will try food!!!!

That boy talks non-stop and about anything and everything. He comes up with some good stuff too and I often wonder where he learns it. Just this morning, I was talking with my mom about the fact that Chase had called the hay bales by name as we drove by them and she said he did for her too and I said, oh, that is where he learned it from...and she said she didn't teach it to him! Why in the heck would he know what a hay bale is at age 2???
Lately he has been saying "excuse me" anytime I am in his way and he would like me to move or if he sneezes or coughs too. He was standing at the sink washing his hands and I tried to open the closet door, which bumped him and he politely pushed back the door with his elbow and said "excuse me" in a cute voice (like excuse me, but I am back here!!).

He has been eating like a horse lately and often has to ask for more dinner...."mommy, need more pbj please" and "mommy, need more pizza please". With all of this, his getting a little sassy we call him bossy pants too.

He is so not into the potty at all....he likes to sit on it and tries to poop, but nothing happens, except sometimes passing gas, then he jumps up and says "all done". When we ask if he has to poop, he replies with "not yetttt".

He loves to repeat exactly what you say, but often in the form of a question. Daddy has been trying to watch his language because he is repeating those doozies too. Luckily, they are only sometimes repeated and not random outbursts yet!

He also loves being a robot, transformer, t-rex, etc and stomping around the house making the various robot and dinosaur motions and sounds. Still lives to dance around too. He loves the water and can be entertained for hours with a water hose trickling water.
So, hopefully that is a good update for everyone! He is getting so big, strong as an ox, smart as a whip....and so on!!

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