Thursday, February 10, 2011

February is here, ready or not!!

So hard to believe that is it February already...time just flies and Chase is getting so big and grownup. He will be 3 in less than 2 weeks and sometimes I feel like I have a five year old....just the things he says and comes up with are so in line with an older kid. Of course, we think he is smart as a whip too but we are a little biased!!

If he is home with one of us and the other gets home, he has to run up and hug us and tell us how he missed us so much and then that he was worried about us. He loves to read books, especially at bedtime and at lights out, we have to sign songs...usually ABC's or Old McDonald or Twinkle Twinkle (or Tinkle Tinkle as he calls it). He loves to be a helper and help cook or clean, but doesn't really like to pick up his toys!! But give him a swiffer duster and he is in heaven. The other day, we had our first embarrassed moment with something he said....we were at Walmart and there was a man in the aisle with us that had on a cowboy hat. Chase points and says loudly, "Look mama, there's a cowboy". I wasn't too bad...but Famous and I looked at each other and tried not to laugh. I am sure worse is yet to come!

A couple of weeks ago, Chase's daycare was closed and we had a playdate at the mall with Gavin and Gavin's mommy. The boys have such a good time together and we need to make it a point to get together more often. We had lunch at Steak N Shake...not relaxing at all, but they definitely kept us entertained!!

Best buds...

The next week, I had our Winter Session meeting in Columbia, so that is always a busy time. With the snow, it made for an eventful couple of days, as all my speakers had to have their flights rerouted, but it all ended well.

Then it was snow again...this time a blizzard. We were snowed in for two days and about stir crazy before it was all over!! I still can't believe all the snow!! We had to have someone come and bobcat our driveway...there was just no way we were shoveling it! Some pictures below of the accumulation on our deck show in progression as the day went one. Keep your eye on the brown chair in the right on the pictures....and watch the snow creep up til it is covered!

We decided to bake some cookies and of course had to put on Chase's apron that Gamma made for him. Before, he didn't want to wear it, but now anytime we do anything in the kitchen, he has to have it on...and makes me wear mine too. Whatever the kid wants :) He loves to measure the ingredients but is still pretty messy when it comes to stirring and mixing. But he had a good time.

The end result....can I say yum. They were gone in two days. Famous ate most of them :)

We also made snow ice cream...Chase thought that was pretty cool. He wanted it for breakfast the next morning....I didn't let him.


The next day after the snow ended.
So, we were running out of things to do at this point. We decided to do arts and crafts. Somehow I need to be less worried about the end result....cause I always have to take over and then he loses interest in the project! Oops!! Here we made a triceratops out of a box, some scrapbook paper and cardstock. Notice the three very realistic horns and fan....I was very impressed with my work, if I do say so myself. He did help with gluing down the paper though. After all that, then he didn't want to wear it! Turd.
Famous shoveling (or tunneling!) the sidewalk

My valentine day's decor. I just love decorating for the seasons...and now with Chase, it seems even more fun!! He loves to help (again, when I let him!!). We have a tree that we decorate for the holidays and he loves to put the ornaments on.

If you read this whole thing...bless you. Had a lot of catching up to do when you post once a month! Hopefully I will be better.
Now we are preparing for Chase's 3rd is a dinosaur theme. He is pretty excited and loves to talk about his party! Although, he flips back and forth between wanting a dinosaur party and a Thomas party. Sorry kid, this mom has already planned a dino party.....

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Anonymous said...

So glad my grandson is helping cook! He is such a little sponge when it comes to anything new! Love it and him, and his Mom and Dad!