Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Less than two weeks later...

I am getting better!  It has only been a little over a week since I last posted. Plus I was in Chicago for work last Thur-Sat, so I even have a good reason!

I think I forgot to post Chase's stats from his 2 yr appointment...he was 36 lbs (99th percentile) and 36 inches (95th percentile).  So he is definitely a big boy and will be taking after his daddy.  Beth found a height predictor that said Chase would likely be 6'2" as an adult...great...he will probably be towering over me at age 12!!  His appointment went well, we took him down to skim milk since he really loves his milk and are trying to keep better tabs on his eating and making sure he is eating good things....grandmas take note!! :) The doctor isn't worried at this point, especially since his weight and height are matching, he would just like to see him level out a little for this year...me too...he is breaking my back having to carry him!

He continues to surprise us daily with his almost-complete sentences and repeating statements back to us and asking relevant questions of us.  His last PAT visit went well, as he can identify and state most shapes by name.  He is not quite as good at colors, but does know a few and we are working on that.  It just amazes me how close I am to having full conversations with this little guy who has just been around for two years!  He is a smart cookie and is definitely learning new things each day (some good...some bad :). 

He has been having a ball with gamma and papaw around our house with all the renovations, so he can get some extra attention and help papaw with his tools.  His favorite is the electric drill and pressing the trigger to make noise.  He wants to be in the middle of all these tasks and help!  Andrew has been at the house helping and he picked up his name immediately and calls for him..."An-do"....but just recently said Lucy's name (the dog) for the first time.  Cracks me up!
Uh-oh...look what daddy did!
Just what I needed to fix this place up!

Just what seems to be the problem here??
Playing outside
Gavin's birthday party
Gavin hiding!
Chase showing his muscles
Mama and Chase
Sliding at Riverside Park
Paging Dr Lewis....

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