Friday, March 12, 2010

What a month!

Seems like all my posts begin this way.  Crazy days turn into crazy weeks and such has been a crazy month.  When I last posted, it was a few days before Chase's 2nd birthday.  I was so excited for his day to come and his party a few days later.  The morning of his birthday, we had some fun stuff to open up including puzzles, a John Deere book and  Nike hat.  He had lots of fun unwrapping presents and now thinks every wrapped gift is for him!
For his birthday, I sent little barnyard goodbags for daycare for the kids to of which were animal party hats...which I later heard made most of them cry.  Oh well, they sure were cute though.
His birthday party went well and he had fund playing with his buds Gavin and Jace.  Mom made a cute cake with Chase's Fisher Price animals.  He loved it!

Patiently waiting to blow out the candles!
Opening presents
 Goodie bags for the boys

The party went great, but the pictures not so much.  Much to my dismay, when I went the next day to look at all the pictures from his actual birthday and his party and all the ones I had taken in between...they were gone.  I have no idea what happened to them and I am just plain sick about it (consequently, the whole Project 365 had a major hiccup...I may start up again soon though).  Famous did videotape a lot of the party, now I just have to figure out how to edit the dang thing.  Hopefully we got some good stuff on there.  Thanks to everyone who took pictures and sent to me!  I appreciate them all!

Onto the next week, where we began the working on the kitchen.  It has been a lot of work, but thankfully Dad and Andrew were there to show us their talents and Famous and I helped where we could.  It was a heck of a week with no kitchen, but we made it.  So pictures from the start: 

Day 1 - Removed all the cabinet doors and took down the microwave
Day 2 - Removed upper cabinets and soffits
Day 3 - Removed bottom cabinets, tile backsplash and tore out sheetrock
Day 4 - Replaced sheet rock and patched
Day 4 - Removed bar top and spindles
(do you like all the contents of our kitchen cabinets in the dining room???)

Day 5 - Painting
Day 6 - Bottom cabinets get installed

We now have all the cabinets/countertops in and are just waiting on the crown molding and two cabinet doors.  But so far, it is just beautiful and I, for one, love it.  We have backsplash tiling to do still and floors will be done in about 10 days.  Can't wait til it is all done!!

Chase helping Papaw with the sink!
My sweet serious boy!
I do have lots more to post but promise not to wait so long in between!! 

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