Monday, December 27, 2010

The Christmas Wrap Up

A few pictures before we get to Christmas. Chase loves coloring and finally started using his desk to do he is hard at it!!

A couple of weeks ago we got the chance to go to St Louis to see the Rams vs Chiefs game. A lot of fun, except the Rams
At the tailgate

Inside the stadium...nosebleed section!

Our friends Missi and Chris got to go down on the field while the Chiefs practiced prior to the game. They are die hard Chiefs fans... but we are friends with them anyway :)
Onto the Christmas festivities. We were excited to see that it had snowed overnight before Christmas Eve and kept snowing all day. Such a pretty snow too. We tried building a snowman, but it didn't work well. We need lessons!! But we definitely could do snowball fights and Chase had fun trying to get us. I got a couple good ones on Famous too.

Coming for me...hey...I got a camera here!!

Going after Daddy

This is what happens when he doesn't want to come inside yet!
We spent Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad's house and had dinner with Big Grandma Stokes. We had french dip sandwiches, baked potatoes, salad, carrot cake. Yum. Chase had pancakes and wait for it...salad. Which he kept telling me that he really liked and it was very, very good. Crazy kid...add a little ranch and he might eat anything!

Helping Papaw open gifts...he wanted to help everyone.
Got a tool belt and it. Spent the evening hammering everything.
With his of my favorite pics. He said he looked like Bob the Builder.
Thomas, Thomas and more Thomas
Helping Gamma

Coming down the hall Christmas morning.

Opening his art kit

Daddy got another Cardinals shirt

Daddy, err...I mean Chase got Tron for Christmas :)

He decided to use his hammer to unwrap everything
We went to Nana and KK's for lunch on Christmas day. He could hardly contain himself and was very ready to open gifts again!

Thomas wrapping paper

Thomas read along book

Thomas whistle

Playing with Spencer (from Thomas) you see a theme here??

Nana and KK opening gifts
After that, we went home to try to get a nap in before heading to Big Grandma's house for dinner. We had to wake him up, but first thing he said was...."time to go play with Gavin?".
Playing with Gavin's Thomas set

More Thomas playing....
(note to self...see if Thomas the Train is a public company...I might want to buy stock, since we own have the inventory now!!)

Unwrapping gifts...what a mess!

Stephanie trying to contain all the boys! Maybe she wants to babysit too??
All and all, it was a wonderful holiday weekend. As I sit here and type this out, I can't help but to feel lucky for all our family and friends. We are beyond blessed! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

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