Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas is just around the corner

and boy, I do not feel ready at all. Each year I always say I am going to start earlier so that I might actually be able to enjoy the season and I never do. I have the never ending list of things that I want to do, recipes to try, fun decorating and it never happens. Oh well, there is always next year, right??
I made an advent calendar for Chase this year and his is fascinated with opening his gifts each morning. This first couple mornings, he wanted more than just his one envelope, but he is getting the hang of it for sure. Here he is on December 1....he got a matchbox car. By far the candy and the Thomas engine has been his favorites!

I started back to working at Marshall and Co. a month or so ago....just in time for the Christmas party. It was a fun night out, although we always pay for it the next day....and I mean all day. Can't quite recover like we used too. Oh well, it was fun!

Before the party pic
I had decorations up for a couple of weeks before getting the tree upstairs and decorated. Trying to find a free night to get the ornaments on with all three of us was hard to find. Chase really enjoyed putting the ornaments on this year...except he kept putting them all on the same branches. I did mini trees for his room this year with jingle bells and Daddy got a sports tree for his man cave downstairs.

Helping with ornaments

The finished tree
We have been singing Christmas carols in bed instead of reading books for the last couple of weeks and he loves them. I have him recorded but will post that separate. Here he is playing "drums" with his stepstool, ruler and tools. He is very inventive if nothing else!!

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