Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It can't be December already

I can't believe that it is December already! Feels like it was just Halloween. Well, the last time I posted it was...oops!!

Chase is just growing like a weed. He went from 37 1/2" to 39" from September to November. We started keeping track by measuring him on the wall in the bedroom and now he has to measure mommy and daddy too. I say it all the time, but he is so dang smart. He just amazes me with the stuff he picks up, memorizes and repeats. He is doing really well with his counting and naming his colors too. He loves to correct me when he thinks I say a word wrong. He says "no mama, not gatorade....it's gatorade" even though both times he says the word it sounds the same to me. But hey, he is the expert, right?? :)

He loves Thomas the Train right now...the trains, the books, the movies. It is just about all he talks about. He knows the songs and the shows by heart. He is too cute singing what he says is "my" Thomas songs.

He really is having fun with "ars and craps"....arts and crafts. We did some hand turkeys for Thanksgiving and he asks daily to do more. We have been trying to go to the library on a weekly basis lately and I have been picking up some books on easy crafts for kids, so he is having a great time.

Time to take down the fall decorations and bring on the Christmas stuff!!

My favorite stuff...my apothecary jars. I just love filling them with different stuff for each season (and placing them on my faux mantle :)

On to my Christmas decor....setting the stage with all the goodies I am working with!

Chase found his "first Christmas" stockings....guess he thought they were socks!! How cute is he?

Don't mind that mess in the background...when decorating with your son around, all bets are off!!
Chase wasn't feeling the best this year at Thanksgiving. I think he had a bug that had his appetite taking a nose dive, but after several days, I think he is finally coming around.

Chase and Aunt KK

Me and my boy
Four generations....Chase, Famous, Nana Joan & Aunt Kay, Great Grandma Ida

The boys at the Stokes Thanksgiving dinner. They are getting so big and grown up!!

This year, I decided to make Chase an Advent calendar. I saw this cute idea to use envelopes for each day. I didn't tell him about it and can't wait to surprise him with it tomorrow.

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