Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone. Back again! Hope Halloween was great for all the kiddos!!

Let's see, what have we been up to lately?? A couple of weeks ago we made our first trip to the pumpkin patch at Fischer you can see below...we should have gone earlier. Not many pumpkins to choose from out in the fields, but we found a couple of them to take home.

Famous and I celebrated our anniversary on 18th with dinner at Gamma and Papaw's house with Great Grandma Stokes (aka Big Gamma by Chase!!) too. They fixed our favorites....ribs, cheesy potatoes, garlic bread, baked beans, cake, etc. Always too much to eat but oh, so good! Chase loved Papaw's ribs too, but not so much the sticky fingers!! Notice the pinky finger in the air...such class and only 2 years old!

A quick picture one morning....he just looks so grown up sometimes...can't even believe he is not even 3 years old yet! Here he is cheesin' for me!

We went to the MDA's Day at the Game again this year and what a game it was!! Mizzou beating the Sooners was great and the game was so exciting. I just love being at a game in much fun. The tailgate was pretty good too. Awesome food and drinks!
We did our pumpkin carving too. Chase wanted nothing to do with it and just kept saying "eww, yucky, I not touch!". I guess we did a pretty good job with it though, at least Chase seemed impressed!!

Halloween this year went okay. Chase wanted to be a transformer but we couldn't find any costumes that were his size. Nana found the Thomas the Train costume that he seemed very excited about. He liked trying it on and checking himself out in the mirror and we thought we were good. Fast forward to Sunday night....he is throwing a fit about putting it on. Crying, running nose, doesn't want to be Thomas anymore. Being the good parents we are, we told him he had to wear it if he wanted to get any candy!! So he grudgingly put it on but still cried. Lucky for us we had to go through this ordeal several times because we had to take it off and on each time we went in the car because of his that was a WHOLE lot of fun!!!
Crying at Nana's house!
His loot at Nana's house...trains, Cap'n Crunch, he spoiled or what?
Family picture!
So, Halloween is over and as you can see, Chase is already making his Christmas list!!

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