Monday, March 21, 2011

Hello blogland...notice it has only been a couple weeks since I last updated? I do try to keep up to date!! Not a lot going on lately...which is really just fine by me. So much rush and traveling recently, plus going to Chicago at the end of March and Branson at the end of April for work....I need some time to just catch up!
Mr Man is up to his usual antics....always keepin' us smiling and laughing for sure. He is in a pretending stage right now and he takes it to the full extent. He likes to mimic his favorite characters and so we are always hearing:
Mom, you be Wendy and I be Bob (Bob the Builder) or.....
Mom, you be Izzy, I be Jake and Daddy be Cubby (Jake and the Neverland Pirates) or...
Mom, you be Millie and I be Geo (Team Umizoomi) and the list goes on. Usually he gets the gender right...but the other night he says...Mom, you be the daddy and I be the Mommy....but I quickly replied 'bout you be the Daddy and I be the Mommy...he says...okay Mom! He has quite the imagination for sure.
He was playing with his bike the other night and rolled off into the grass and he says "oh no, I (s)tuck in the my tire is all muddy". We're it's not.....his response..."I just b-tending mom!". Then he I got to go to the bicycle car wash!!
He also is SO NOT afraid of strangers right fact, quite the opposite. He wants to talk their ear matter where we go...the other day, we were at Sonic and I had to roll down the back window so he could talk to the Sonic girl. He goes on and on and although I completely understand him...I don't think they do....they just nod and say "uh-huh". Probably doesn't help that he goes a mile a minute.
This past Sunday was just beautiful...although spring and mid-March mean pure torture for me when it comes to allergies. You would think I would remember to start preparing by taking Zyrtec or something, but every year, it seems what worked the year before doesn't work anymore. So I am pretty sure I have a sinus infection on top of it all. Anyway after the rainy day Saturday, we got out for a while on Sunday and went to the playground down the street from our house and had dinner at Mom and Dad's.

Love that expression!

Always so serious!!

My good luck charm! (from St Patty's Day)

Splashing in the water left over from Saturday

I'm 3!

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