Saturday, April 7, 2012

April it is!

Six months since I have been here...not even going to try and get this up to date at this point...why put on the extra pressure!! :) Luckily, I have been keeping a journal and I will still have a way to match my pictures to my scrapbooking....since I am so behind with that too!!
Where do the weeks and days go? Let's see...we last left off in September I think. Here's the condensed version....We had a fun Stokes weekend at the Lake in September, Chase was Bumblebee (the Transformer) for Halloween, enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving with friends and family, same for Christmas and Santa was very good to Chase for sure. Onto the New Year, January was busy for me with work and meetings, February brought Chase's 4th birthday party (Lightning McQueen style), he started preschool in March and just loves it. And here we are to April already and Easter this weekend. Promise to get back...need to do it weekly, but we all know how that goes :)
Chase riding his John Deere tractor that he got for his birthday. Had to take it to Gammaw and Papaw's when we went for dinner one night.
My best effort at getting him to take a picture anymore. Either he has a cheesy smile or he is looking away from the camera....can not get a regular smile and looking at me at the same time. Turd.

Last week was Chase's second week at preschool and it went pretty good. He got two yellow lights but I think he is doing well overall. They say he is so polite!! He loves that is the best thing!! Over the weekend, we spent a nice weekend at home. House work, yard work, etc. It was a beautiful weekend. We had date night on Friday; Saturday a quick trip to Urgent care for a cough that turned out to be just allergies, then breakfast at Hyvee while waiting for a scrip, then Chase and I joined Beth and Gavin at the park, home for a nap, then outside to help Dad with some yardwork, Chase and I put up the tent to check it out and Famous BBQ'd. Whew...what a day. Sunday, it was an easy day around the house and got ready for a birthday party that evening.

Raking leaves and helping Dad with the yardwork.
Famous grilling on his new BBQ. Yum!
Chase and I put up the tent to check it out. We haven't been camping since before he was born and I think we might try and go this year. It is in really good shape still...gotta plan a weekend soon.
Reese's third birthday party. It was Hello Kitty!
Chase bringing me a flower...what a sweetie!
On Friday, we got to go have lunch at school with Chase...he loved it and was so excited to see us!

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Mom said...

So happy to see you back on the blog! But I truly understand when you can't! Love you!