Wednesday, November 23, 2011

September, here we come :)

August 29-Sept 4
Not much happening during the week at all….same old same!! We had planned a Friday night double date night with Lee and Missy but then Miss Reese was running a fever, so they had to cancel. We headed out anyway and Jim and Beth happened to text us and see if we were out, so they came and joined us. We had some appetizers and drinks at BWW and then to the usual spot, JPfennys.

Saturday we headed to Columbia to run a few errands and had lunch a little Mexican place. By the time we got home, Chase said he didn’t feel well and I could tell he was running a fever…round 2?

It was a pretty low key Labor Day weekend but that is okay!

Playing outside with his Handy Manny chainsaw....I love his expressions!

That was hard work!

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