Monday, October 6, 2008

Roots, blues and BBQ

Jaime, Chase & James
Sleeping in the middle of a loud blue session
In James' hat
Dad and Chase
The four of us
Gimme that hat
Rare pic of James and Jaime!

Saturday, we went with James and Jaime to Columbia to the Roots, Blues & BBQ festival. It was fun with good food and good music. Chase had a fun day watching everything going on and being passed back and forth between the four of us. We went to Olive Garden for dinner and Chase sat in a big boy highchair at the restaurant and did really good....except he wanted to eat the menus instead of playing with toys. Of course, he had to eat what we were eating, so he got the insides of the breadsticks and some plain pasta. He must of really liked it because he let out two big burps--like grown person burps--that got the whole section laughing at him!!

He is getting two more teeth on top...poor guy doesn't get a minutes relief from this teething thing. One has broke through and the other is almost there. He enjoyed his first cheerios yesterday too. Oh and almost forgot, he is waving bye-bye is too cute. We taped I will post that soon too!

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