Monday, April 6, 2009

Back from Chicago

Views from the hotel
John Hancock building right out side our window

Chase having breakfast with Granny

Self portrait!

We are home and back into the swing of things. Chicago was fun, not too long, but long enough away from Chase. I had a work conference to attend and Famous came along for some R&R. We stayed in the Ritz Carlton (right across from the ADA building), so it was a very nice room, to say the least. We had a nice time, enjoyed some good food and drink and got a little sightseeing done. While sitting in the Ritz bar, we saw one semi-famous person...Chris Douglas Roberts from the NJ Nets but that was Oprah or Vince Vaughn though! Darn....
I can't believe how much we missed him in such a short time! He seemed to have grown an inch or two! He had a good time staying with Granny and Grampa Stokes, especially after getting a new wagon to ride around in. He loved it, so we are now on the hunt for one of our own. Chase is on the go constantly and into everything he is not supposed to be in! He is starting to get a little finicky with his eating here and there. He has one molar in and is working on the other three. He is learning and picking up on lots of new things....blowing kisses, mimicking sneezes and such. He is quite the busy boy and always has the biggest grins and smiles for us. He is such a happy baby!

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