Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun weekend many more pictures are you going to take? (he really did like it!)
Swinging at the park
Gavin swinging (the daredevil!)

Hi mom!
Chase and Gavin

We had some beautiful weather this weekend and took advantage of it on Saturday. We met Jim, Beth and Gavin at Memorial Park for some playtime with the kids. They seemed to have a good time. Chase liked the swings a little better this time too! Saturday evening, we BBQ'd and I got Chase's Little Tikes swing up too and he really liked just hanging out in it! We must have really wore him out cause he napped for 5 hours total on Sunday and slept til after 7 this morning.

What's Chase up to these days? hard to remember everything cause it seems like something new he discovers or does every day. He loves reading books and having them read to him. You will find him just sitting on the floor turning the pages. He still loves to dance and bop around. He likes to try and help with things like emptying the dishwasher, sweeping the floor, putting away (and taking out) pots and pans, throwing away stuff in the trash can, getting diapers, etc. Not always an advantage yet, cause you never know what you will find in the trash can and there might be 10 diapers pulled out of his basket when you only asked for 1! He is just so dang smart, he gets his socks and shoes when you ask for them, he knows what his milk is and likes to put his cup on the table when he is done. You give him his comb and he tries to comb his hair. Last night he wanted some of the Qtips and he put them up to his ear to clean it out (then to his mouth!). He knows what bath time is and where he needs to go, then tries to climb into the tub. You just wonder how exactly they know this is fascinating to see him pick it all up!

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Another Stokes said...

Oh it was such a fun day. I can't wait for us to do that again.