Monday, May 4, 2009

And the mischief begins....

Tables at the shower
Gift table
He barricaded himself in with toys...I don't think he has enough, do you??
Don't they look innocent.....don't be fooled!

Saturday, Chase decided his hot wheels need a car wash and so he threw 2 cars down the toilet as Famous flushed it....and all was fine until Sunday, when the toilet wouldn't flush anymore. So in addition to Grampa spending 3 hours at our house on Saturday installing a new exhaust fan and light over the tub in the bathroom and running a water line for our new fridge, he had to come back on Sunday to pull the toilet and find the menacing car! Not a pleasant job for him and Famous, but Mom and I got some good laughs in! Is this how it all begins?? Should I be worried??
Other than that excitement this weekend, I worked Saturday (hopefully my last) at the salon and we all went out to Jim and Beth's for some BBQ and playtime. The boys were in rare form (at least Chase was!) but they had fun. We took them on a relaxing (not) wagon ride and it took us what seemed like an hour to walk 1/2 a block!! Chase wanted Gavin's cup, then he wanted out of the wagon, then he wanted to push the wagon, then he wanted in the wagon again, but wanted to stand up. Then Gavin wanted out and wanted to check all the mailboxes.....Beth and I both wondered what we would do if we had two of was exhausting! But they were too cute!

Sunday, was our bridal shower for Stephanie Pace (soon to be Stokes), Andrew's fiance. It turned out really pretty and I think everyone had a really nice time. The boys came for part of the shower and they were all over the place. I can already see the boys plotting and planning for mischievious times ahead.

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