Friday, May 15, 2009


This morning on the way to Jeanne's
Last night in the tub...he is into splashing recently and the whole bathroom gets wet!

Daddy and Chase taking the mower for a spin
Playing in the rocks, trying to avoid going inside!

Hello everyone. Yah, I know, I am late posting pictures. That's because Chase was sick from Wed pm to Sun and my allergies hit me hard on Mother's Day, so we didn't take any pictures. But I took a few last night and this morning to post.

What's new with us?? Chase is feeling better, but ran a fever Wed night through Friday afternoon. We think it was viral because it did basically run it's course. The doctors didn't want to see us...I guess he knows his stuff. But he was not himself at all.....all he wanted to do was cuddle and lay on us.....which was just fine with me. He doesn't do that much anymore! But I am glad he is feeling better.

Mother's Day was nice despite my allergies. Famous got me a Cricut Jukebox (what?? I know, no one probably knows what this is! You hook it up to a Cricut die cutting machine and it holds 6 cartridges at once so you don't have to keep changing them out....I know, you are still like, what??) :) Chase got me a cute recordable card in which Famous spent lots of time getting him to say 'mama' at just the right time! I also got lots of other lovely cards and texts and FB posts wishing me a Happy Mother's Day, so thank you all (and sorry I didn't reply)!

Over the weekend, Famous got his Father's Day (and several other holidays!) present early. Mom and Dad helped find a riding mower for him (since I know nothing about them)! It was supposed to be a surprise, but of course, I was badgered until I just gave in! He loves it regardless. Got a few pics last night outside and so far, Chase likes to ride the mower with him.

We are heading to KC this weekend to visit friends Jill and Keith Smith and their kiddos. Camden was born 9 days after Chase, so I am anxious to get the boys together. Hope to take lots of pics!

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