Monday, May 18, 2009

A weekend of firsts....

Playing with mama's sunglasses
Like Father, like son.....snoozing as we got into they way the both tilt their heads to the right!

Post trauma....goldfish and apple juice make everything better.

The only pics I got to prove we saw animals! Oh well!

Saturday morning we left early to head to Olathe to visit my high school friend Jill and her family. It was the first real long roadtrip (with the exception of going to Branson when Chase was just 4 months old) and I wasn't sure how he would handle it. My hopes of him taking a long morning nap were not to be, as he feel asleep about 20 minutes away from Jill's house. Darn it!

We got to Jills and got the kiddos situated and then headed out to the Deanna Rose Farmstead. Check out It is a really neat place where kids can get up close and feed the animals, bottle feed goats, etc. Chase was probably a little young, but seemed to like it anyway, so it was his first zoo-like experience!
They also had a huge playground where all the kids wanted to be. We went to take our first ride down a curvy slide and as I twisted one way, I think Chase went the other way. At some point, he got his foot caught and got hurt. And he was crying hard, not his usual cry and whimper when he bangs his head, etc. I knew he was hurt and he would not stand on his foot or that leg. Once he calmed down, he seemed to be okay....we felt around on his leg, nothing seemed to hurt him or make him cry, but he still could not stand without crying. After some lunch, we headed our separate ways to let the boys nap for a while and I called the nurses line and they determined we should take him to the ER. So, his first trip to the ER was Saturday. They took lots of xrays and determined they couldn't find anything wrong and that he had badly bruised his foot. So they wrapped his foot and gave him some Tylenol and headed back to the hotel. Poor little guy, he wanted to stand but he legs just gave way when he tried. I felt so bad for him. He crawled around like a champ but couldn't put weight on it. After a long night, we headed home around 7am. He slept for an hour and a half and we had to wake him when we got home, he was a pooped little puppy!

Yesterday, he was standing but not taking steps and this afternoon, he seems to be taking a few steps here and there at the sitters. Hopefully we are moving in the right direction and he is quickly on the mend. I am just thankful that nothing worse happened....I couldn't even imagine if he had broken it.

Needless to say, we should have gotten Chase a shirt that said "My mom and dad took me all the way to Kansas and all I got was a trip to the ER".

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