Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We are here!

Driving - notice the head down!
Big Boy!
Helping....with dinner!

Serious boy at the park
I'm gonna get you!

Just barely, but we are here! Last week was a week from heck, as far as work was concerned. On the road several days and just too much to do. Friday we had a board meeting that ended early and we got to leave afterward. It was such a nice day too. I went and picked up Chase early and went to the park with Granny Stokes. He enjoyed the park but does not like the swing at all. Not sure what's up with that, but he never did like his baby swing either. Hopefully he just needs to get used to it. We got a Little Tikes swing for the house and need to get that up and see how he does with it. The weekend went downhill from Friday, but oh well!

Chase is really getting into his independence and shopping is not so easy anymore. He doesn't want to ride in the cart or be held, he wants to be walking and pushing the cart too. Little turkey, he is so strong willed and stubborn. Saturday we went to lunch and then Best Buy and Lowes, but they were short trips, cause he was being a stinker. He was really out of sorts this weekend, so much so that I thought he might have an ear infection. He was really irritable and clingy and just no his happy self. Sunday, Famous woke up feeling bad and spent most of the day on the couch. Chase wasn't doing any better, poor guy! And I had a friends baby shower to boot. So I had to leave the boys home and return as quickly as possible.
Monday, I took him to the doctor and he is fine. Actually, 99% of the fluid on his ears was gone, so I will chalk up his behavior to teething. At least, I hope this is a passing phase!! He is just generally such a happy baby, so I hope that it is just teeth. It is way to early for the terrible twos! He is really getting very independent and wants to do stuff on his own. He is getting pretty daring (like Gavin, but no busted lips yet! ). He is babbling like crazy, but not a ton of true words yet. I am getting him to say "more" and he repeats a lot of sounds, but not so many words.

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Another Stokes said...

I love the head down while pushing his car... of course he'll need a different strategy when it's the real thing... hehe.