Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The countdown begins

A completed scrapbook page (from June...way behind!)
In the tub...he is into swimming on his belly now!

Christmas pjs

Me and my bubbie

Daddy and Chase

Isn't he getting so big!

Some more Christmas decor...I think I am done now.
Finally got ornaments up last week.

Can you believe that Christmas is just days away now...I am almost ready! It is getting increasingly difficult to get back to my blog on a regular basis, but I will keep trying. After all, this is my online scrapbook to help me remember everything!!

Two weeks ago, Chase started to get sick, had a cough and runny nose. The doctor said give it a week and if he wasn't better, bring him back. Well a week passed and he was better but then another 4 days passed and he was sick again. Bad cough, runny nose, the works. This past Saturday, we stayed in all day, as he was just not feeling well. Chase and I had spent a restless night sleeping on the couch, because he would not go back to sleep in his crib...guess he wanted some mama time. We missed my MDA Christmas party (for the second time in a row...last year Chase had the flu and gave it to me as well) that night but he slept much better. Sunday, we decided to run to Target and see if some fresh air would do him good. When we got there, the flourescent lights made us immediately notice that his eyes looked really red, which we thought could have been from being tired. Sunday night, he didn't sleep great either, but I woke fully expecting to take him to the sitters. He really never ran any fever and I just figured this was something that had to run his course. We had to wake him up Monday morning and as soon as we saw him, we knew he was staying home. His eyes were matted and really red. He still coughing too. I didn't know if he had pink eye or another type of eye infection. Famous stayed home with him and I went to work and got him an appt for the afternoon. We discovered he had a double ear infection and eye infection, but luckily not pink eye....and we got oral antibiotics to take care of both. I don't even want to think about putting eye drops in....just suctioning his nose out already looks and sounds like we are torturing him :) Glad to report, his eyes looked much better this morning and seems like the antibiotics are doing their job.

So with the sickies, I of course have to rock him before bed and love extra on now when we go to take him to bed, he points to the glider and says "rock". He also has taken to singing Rock a Bye is too cute. He has the melody down pretty good and sings "rock a baby". Such a sweetie pie. Makes up for the havoc that he wreaks the rest of the time!!

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Another Stokes said...

Aww, poor guy. I was wondering how he was after we talked on Saturday. I'm glad he's better now. I have to rock Gavin every night ever since he had the stomach bug (about a month ago)... good luck with breaking that. I do have to say that I don't mind it much though!!!