Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just three weeks away

Pushing the swing....
Running away from Daddy
Enjoying a warm spurt outside

A little bathroom decorating in brown, burgandy and greens

Decorating my buffet that I just redid
On top of the TV armoire

Christmas that is and I am not ready at all! Lots to do before then.

Mr man is doing great, staying busy as usual. The boy rarely rests for a minute and is always into something. Since Thanksgiving, he has had a little cough, but never a fever and he seems to be doing better. No coughing at all last night, so that is good. It is so hard to hear him in bed coughing and have nothing you can really do to make him better. So I am glad he slept better last night.

Thanksgiving was great this year. Since we always go two places on Thanksgiving, we always say we are not going to stuff ourselves...but that never happens. There is just too much good food to be had. It was a long day, but I am thankful that we never really have to travel during the is nice to be around home.

Not too much new in our house, I started putting up decorations but now just have to finish adding the ornaments to the tree. I decided to change up my colors to red and black this year, so it is taking a little longer to pull it all together. I just love Christmas decorating. Otherwise, just the normal preparations for Santa's arrival. It is going to be so fun this year seeing Chase (and Gavin) ripping into presents. It was so fun watching them interact at Thanksgiving and they had so much fun chasing each other around!


Another Stokes said...

Gavin has that black & gray shirt too... cute decorations. It really fits with the decor of your house :)

Duke and Sarah said...

Oh My! Chase has gotten so big, totally cute :) I hope you and your sweet family have a good Christmas. I am starting to get more into this blog world. Trying to keep mine updated more. HA, where do I find the time with Owen and Abbie?