Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What a week!

Wow, what a week this has been....crazy Christmas days! And I think they will only get busier and wilder as Chase gets older. So much to do and we don't even have to travel more than 5 miles away from home to visit everyone!

We had a wonderful Christmas, starting with dinner Christmas Eve with Great Grandma Stokes at Gamma and Papaw's house. I love that Chase has his own names for everyone...even though I am constantly calling them by the wrong name. It's amazing that I haven't confused Chase! We had a yummy dinner and then opened presents.

Christmas morning, Chase was good to us and let us sleep a little past 7. Then we got up and let the festivities begin. It was a great time watching Chase open his gifts and help with ours too! Famous surprised me with a very pretty blingy watch (and it wasn't even on my list!).

After a short nap, we ventured to Nana and KK's for round 3. We had great lunch there and started in on the presents again. After a couple of hours, it was home again to try another nap...but it didn't work. He just jabbered the entire time and we finally got him up after a while.

Then to Great Grandma Stokes' for the celebration with the whole Stokes family. More good food, more presents and one pooped little boy. He and Gavin chased each other through the house and had lots of fun together. Chase fell in the kitchen and got a nice goose egg on his forehead that is still lingering. We tried taking family pictures, but I haven't seen them yet, so I am not sure how those turned out!

All and all, it was a wonderful but exhausting four day weekend. I need a vacation from my vacation!! And I am so ready to take down the decorations and get back to normal!!

Ready for some pics???

Snow buds outside on Sunday
Trying out his new boots!

Playing at Nana's

In the paper with Gavin
Helping Nana and Kay with presents
Trying on daddy's new gloves

Christmas PJs
Trying out the tool bench
His big boy bike!

Eating a dill pickle from Lutz's...he liked it!

His shirt is an understatement ;)

Checking out the ornaments
Reading with daddy

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