Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dentist, Doctor, Baseball!

August 8 – 14

Chase had his first appointment with to the dentist this week. We saw pediatric dentist Dr Maice Scott in was a wonderful office geared towards kids. He did really well, except he would not let them take any xrays, but they were just trying to get him acclimated to the process anyway. He especially liked the tokens he got at the end and got to pick some goodies from this tower of toys!

He had been running an up and down fever for a few days when he woke up at about 5am with a 105 temperature. I called the on call nurse who suggested I take him to the ER. They give him ibuprofen and the fever is down in a ½ hour and they diagnose him with an ear infection…grrr. Little did I know this would be the beginning of 6 weeks course of fevers and ear infections. As I type this, I pray he does not have to have tubes in his ears.

Friday night we had a double date night with the Holmes and James and Jaime joined us too. Had a fun time at El Espolon and the usual JPfennys. Saturday night we went to Edwin Bybee’s 60th birthday party and had some fun dancing and gabbing with everyone. Chase spent the night with Gamma &Papaw and had fun himself! On Sunday, we had Gamma over to our house for her birthday dinner. Chase had the whole family outside playing baseball before dinner. He had such a good time and it was fun watching him. He would hit the ball and try and run and get the ball before anyone else…we tried to explain that wasn’t how you do it…but he didn’t care!!

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