Saturday, October 29, 2011

OMG....terrible blogger here.

I just peeked and the last time I blogged was in August...eeks! I was doing so well too. Well, this will be my attempt to catch up...I am going to do a million posts, but as I have said before...this blog is for family and friends to keep up to date but also a visual memory for me too!!

Where I left off.....August 1-7

I took off work and Chase and I took a fun trip to Kansas City with Gavin and Beth. We decided to visit Crown Center thinking there might be some fun stuff to do there with the Crayola Factory and Hallmark being there. The boys had a great time. We did lots of different things including visiting the Crayola store that had lots of artsy things to do, went to Hallmark visitors center and got a cool recordable story book for free, and went to Kaleidoscope which had lots of arts and crafts stations for kids. For lunch we went to Fritz’s restaurant which is a really neat burger place that has tracks and trains running at the ceiling that drops your food off at your table and a conveyor lowers it down to you. The boys just loved it…not to mention there were other trains running everywhere! Lastly, Crown Center has this huge area with fountains that the kids can play in…we didn’t know about it ahead of time, but saved it for last and the boys had a great time playing. Long day trip but such a good time!!

Thursday was Chase’s last swim lesson. He has done really good, but I am thinking that next year we might invest in private lessons. I think this was good for this first year, but I think next year he would benefit more from one on one instruction.

Saturday morning, we gave Dad a break and went to Towne Grill for breakfast, not to mention that I was craving their pancakes….they are so darn good!! Sunday was Steph’s party where we all got to say “see you soon” as she departs on her adventure to England! What an exciting time for her…I am sure she will love it.

Conversations with Chase:

Chase is drinking his juice and gets a little choked up…
Mom: Are you okay? Did it go down the wrong pipe?
Chase: (hesitates) um, yes.
Five minutes later…….
Chase: Mom, I think I need different pipes.

Playing in the fountains

Supposed to be washing their hands.....he must get it from his father :)

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